Dust Storm Warning

In order for the public to receive prior warning of dust storm that affect air quality, the EPA has released the "Dust Storm Early Repor" in December of 2006. New e-mail and mobile message services have been included and as of 2012/12 there are 5,767 users registered for the e-mail message and 5,150 users registered for the mobile message service. When sanstorm warnings occur concerned individuals will be immediately notified.

The Effect of dust storm on the Daily Life and Health of the Public

The negative effects of east Asian dust storm on Taiwan include the deterioration of air quality and visibility. In recent years the frequency, scale, and strength of east Asian dust storm have been increasing and Taiwan has been increasingly affected. As micro particles increases in the air, symptoms such as allergic sinuses, coughing ,asthma, eye irritation, skin allergies, and skin irritation can occur. According to studies conducted by the EPA, respiratory tract illnesses have increased, student absences due to respiratory symptoms has increased, and the number of people seeking medical assistance for respiratory symptoms has increased. These are the most evident influences on public health.

How to Prevent the Health Risks of dust storm

As air quality deteriorates during dust storm due to massive amounts of suspended micro particles, those with respiratory or cardiovascular illnesses, especially children or senior citizens should avoid going outdoors when Taiwan is under the effects of dust storm. If it is necessary to go out, you should wear masks and goggles to filter dirty air and avoid direct contact.

last update : 2019/11/27