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Quality Assurance

1. Purpose:

The main goal of quality assurance operations (QA) is to monitoring data that is accurate and precise in order to achieve the administration's data quality objectives (DQO).

Therefore, the main focus of this operation is to perform annual performance audit on all of the instruments that are used to monitor and capture pollutants in the air (including SO2, CO, O3, Nox, NO, NO2, and HC), the suspended micro particle analyzer (PM10), and meteorological instruments. System audits are held irregularly once the system is up and running smoothly.

2. Content:

Performance Audit: Used to assess the quality of monitoring systems. Audit personnel test the monitoring instruments, calibration standard gas using sample analysis techniques and data, including auditing of outdoor instruments and the standard operating procedures (SOP) used in laboratories to obtain data.

System Audit: Used to assess whether the monitoring system has achieved the target functions of quality assurance.

  1. Auditing target and goal: Systems auditing is to achieve the goals below:

  2. (1) Assess the data gathering quality and function of the air quality monitoring system.
    (2) Assess the legality of the monitoring system
    (3) Assess the data quality of the monitoring system
    (4) Assess the monitoring system, provide suggestions for adjustments
  3. Auditing Content:

  4. (1) Monitor network management
    (2) On-site monitoring control
    (3) Data management
    (4) Quality Assurance & Quality Control
    (5) Laboratory analysis operation and sample technology
    (6) Assess the legality of monitoring systems
    (7) Document management of personnel and equipment
  5. Execution Frequency

  6. (1) At the beginning of a new monitoring project.
    (2) When the operation of a monitoring system undergoes a major change of adjustment, or continuously produces data with poor quality.
    (3) Monitoring networks that have not been established for long must receive system audits annually.
    (4) Monitoring networks that have been operating do not need annual audits, but require one audit every three years.
  7. Systems Audit Operations Procedure:

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