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Health effect

Dust Storm Warnings

Starting from December of 2006, the Environmental Protection Administration has released 『Sands Storm Early Warning』 to give civilians early warning through e-mails and text messages of impending dust storm that will affect air quality. At September 2008, there have been 2,074 subscribers to the e-mail and 1,800 subscribers to the text messaging services to alert concerned civilians of impending dust storm.

Affect of Dust Storm on the Daily Life and Health of Civilians

The negative affect of East Asian dust storm to Taiwan include a deteriorated air quality and lowered visibility. In recent years the frequency, scale, and strength of East Asian dust storm has seen an increase in trend causing Taiwan to be more and more affected. As the particles in the air increase, health risks such as allergic sinuses, coughing, asthma, irritation in the eyes, skin allergies, itching skin, and others. According to statistics from EPA studies, the three most telling affects to public sanitation are a drastic increase in airway related symptoms, increased absences of students due to airway related symptoms, and increased number of airway related medical cases in the general populace.

Preventing the Affects of Dust Storm to Personal Health

As dust storm bring abundant suspended micro particles in the air and lowers air quality, those with respiratory or cardiovascular illnesses, especially seniors and children should avoid going outdoors. If you need to go outdoors, wear masks and goggles to filter the polluted air and to avoid direct contact.

last update : 2019/11/27