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Station Introduction

The first PAMS station was established in Taiwan in Chong Lun Park in Taichung City and is located in the largest upwind VOC generation location in the central Taiwan area. To further understand O3 pollution in Yunling, Chiayi, and Tainan areas, Chong Lun Photochemical Station, Zhu Shan Photochemical Station, and Cao Tun Photochemical Station were moved to Tai Xi Township in Yunlin County, Tainan City, and Po Zi City in Chiayi County, to monitor changes in O3 precursors.

Considering the need to monitor O3 precursors in northern and southern Taiwan, PAMS were established in Wan Hua in Taipei City and Tu Cheng in New Taipei City as well as Qiao Tou, Da Liao (moved to Siao Gang in 2007), and Chao Zhou in the south, forming a zone-wide upwind-downwind monitoring web. Furthermore, two mobile PAMS were established in 2009 and 2011 to increase mobile detection capacity, making a total of 11 stations (see Figure 3 for locations).

Currently all PAMS are close to Air Quality Monitoring Stations which were established by the Environmental Protection Administration. The major advantage is the fact that information regarding NOX, O3, wind speed, and wind direction gathered in AQMS can be compared with data collected by PAMS to examine the concentration differences between upwind and downwind areas to explain formation of high concentration O3.

Stations Monitoring Date Location
Chong Lun 2003/01~2007/02 Chong Lun Park, Taichung City
Zhu Shan 2003/01~2007/02 Yunling Elementary School, Nantou County
Cao Tun 2003/01~2007/02 Bi Fong Elementary School, Nantou County
Wan Hua 2006/06~present Fu Xing Elementary School, Taipei City
Tu Cheng 2006/06~present New Taipei Industrial Vocational High School, New Taipei City
Qiao Tou 2006/06~present Qiao Tou Town Hall, Kaohsiung County
Da Liao 2006/06~2006/10 Fooyin University, Kaohsiung County
Siao Gang 2006/12~present Siao Gang Junior High School, Kaohsiung County
Chao Zhou 2006/06~present Chao Dung Elementary School, Ping Dong County
Tai Xi 2007/05~present Tai Xi Library, Yunling County
Po Zi 2007/05~present Po Zi Elementary School, Chiayi County
Tainan 2007/04~present Zhung Shan Junior High School, Tainan City
Chung Ming 2011/11~present Special Education School, Taichung City
Mobile 5 2009/11~present Moves with Monitoring Missions
Mobile 6 2011/04~present Moves with Monitoring Missions
【Fig. 3: Taiwan PAMS Location】
【Fig. 3: Taiwan PAMS Location】

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