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History Data Download

1. All instruments from EPA have stringent quality assurance protocol to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the data. However, in order to curtail the amount of time spent online, the information obtained through searching through the website has not been verified through the final quality assurance procedures; please refer to the monthly or yearly reports for the accurate information.
2. The information provided by this site, such as the temperature, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall and humidity meteorological monitoring data are only used as to supplement the analysis of air quality monitoring. The administration will not express or imply any statements, representation or warranties for the accuracies or appropriateness of the information under any circumstances.
3. The administration is not responsible for any losses due to information is not released without the consent of the administration or improperly used. The administration reserves the right to delete, suspend or edit the relative information that is provided without any reasons or prior notices. Users have the obligation to asset the information provided on this site and use with care.
4. Please reference any information such as thesis, reports, and others from this site.
5. Due to the abundant information content, information provided is as of 2001, information prior to that will be collated and updated any time.
6. This site provides monitoring information, for any suggestions, please contact mailboxhome.
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Yearly Report all4.55MB download
YearKaoPing21.19MB download
North33.03MB download
Chu-Miao7.78MB download
Hua-Tung3.72MB download
all102.45MB download
Central15.30MB download
Yilan2.53MB download
island3.85MB download
Yun-Chia-Nan15.04MB download