TAQMPM2.5\Automatic Monitoring

1.Manual monitoring and automatic monitoring are two different methods which can result in data inconsistency. The Manual monitoring method is current PM2.5 Air Quality Standard.
2.Referring to the method used by the U.S. EPA: "The linear relationship between manual monitoring and automatic monitoring can be established by statistical linear regression (FRM-like)." Thus using statistical linear regression to convert automatic monitoring PM2.5 measurements into FRM-like data came into effect May 2014, and was applied going back to January 2014.
Operating Principles (Download)
The linear regression equation for PM2.5 sites in 2017 (Download)
Click here to download the historical linear regression equation for PM2.5 sites.
3.Please refer to ERDB or History Data Download for data before December 31, 2012.

Published:2019/09/23 23:00unit:μg/m3

Name Current Previous hour Chart
Douliu 35 37 Chart
Lunbei 29 24 Chart
Xingang 30 33 Chart
Puzi 30 30 Chart
Taixi 20 20 Chart
Chiayi 36 32 Chart
Xinying 35 28 Chart
Shanhua 22 26 Chart
Annan 32 29 Chart
Tainan 27 25 Chart
Mailiao 20 21 Chart
Dongyin 17 18 Chart
No Data:Communication Anomaly, ND: Not detected (less than 2 μg/m3)

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