TAQMPM2.5Automatic Monitoring\Hourly Value

1. All instruments used by the EPA undergo stringent quality assurance protocols to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the data. However, in order to curtail the amount of time spent online, the information obtained by searching through the website has not been verified through the final quality assurance procedures; please refer to the monthly or yearly reports for the accurate information.
2. The information provided by this site is only for general reference; it may not be reproduced in any form or be used as any evidential support. Knowledge that the characteristics of the instruments, regional environmental factors and other factors might influence the variance of the data produced is required. The EPA is not responsible for any losses that arise for information used without our consent or that are improperly used.
3. If there are any suggestions for the monitoring information provided by the site, please contact mailboxhome.
4.#: null instrument value; *: null program value; x: null manual value; NA: non applicable; ND: Not detected (less than 2 μg/m3).
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